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Ancient Egypt 5 x 15 min programmes/Ancient Greece 5 x 15 min programmes/A Giant in Ancient Egypt 3 x 20 min programmes/Maths from History 2 x 15 min programmes

Ancient Egypt and Greece DVD

This two-disc DVD includes five of the most popular Channel 4 educational series about the Ancient World. We explore Ancient Egypt, discovering the world of pyramids and mummies and comprehensive background information on a great civilisation. We also learn who the Ancient Greeks were? The programmes illustrate the legacy of Greek architecture, art and language, and explore Ancient Greek life and mythology. A Giant in Ancient Egypt tells the story of an extraordinary Italian, Giovanni Belzoni, who, in spite of his lack of training and education, made a succession of remarkable discoveries in Egypt. And finally, Maths From History explores the use of mathematics in the two ancient cultures, using colourful graphics to explain the mathematics and a strong narrative thread to bring the past to life.

Curriculum Connections

  • Portrays life in ancient Egypt and Greece
  • Gives representations of the past 
  • Features work and leisure 
  • Archaeological discoveries: temples, tombs, art, language and technology
  • Cross-curricular maths: examples of maths in key periods of history


  • Using film in the classroom will help you to improve understanding by supporting the many different learning styles in your class and adding variety to your lessons
  • The DVD includes downloadable support material, making lesson planning quick and easy
  • DVDs offer greater flexibility and control, making them easy to incorporate into your lessons
  • Can be used on computers with DVD-Rom drives and ideal for use on interactive whiteboards
  • PC and Mac compatible

Subject Area Covered

Ancient Egypt:

  1. The Gift of the Nile 
  2. Homes and Hieroglyphs 
  3. Death of a Pharaoh 
  4. Egyptian Women
  5. The Weighing of the Heart

Ancient Greece:

  1. Greek Gods and Temples
  2. The Legacy of Greece
  3. Farming and Trade 
  4. Everyday Life 
  5. Pots of Evidence

A Giant in Ancient Egypt:

  1. Strong Man on the Nile: The importance of the Nile 
  2. Rameses the Great: The role of the Pharaohs 
  3. Secrets of the Tombs: The Egyptian attitude to death

Maths From History Egyptians:

  1. Number, calculations and 3D shape


  1. Number patterns and shape

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