Scientific Eye: Life and Living Processes DVD

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Age Range: 11-14

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10 x 20-minute programmes

This compilation showcases the best programmes from the Life and Living Processes units of Channel 4's Scientific Eye series.

These documentary-style programmes explore a broad range of topics from the natural and human worlds, featuring footage of animals and their habitats, sequences of microscopic life forms and structures, and filmed experiments, as well as time-lapse video, cartoons and graphics.  They show scientists at work, and the series' trademark approach of asking questions will encourage students to adopt an enquiring attitude to science. 

Curriculum Connections

  • Living things in their environment Adaption and competition; classification
  • Green plants as organisms Nutrition and growth
  • Human organisms Respiration, nutrition and health; cells, organs and body systems; the human reproduction system; the effect of drugs on growth, development, health and behaviour
  1. Movement
  2. Cells
  3. Classifications
  4. Drugs and Health
  5. Reproduction
  6. Habitats and Population
  7. Green Plants
  8. Diet and Nutrition
  9. Energy and Life
  10. Microbes and Health

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