Health Education Collection DVD

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Age Range: 7-11

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7 x 15-minute programmes

Health Education Collection DVD

This DVD contains two series which highlight the benefits of staying healthy. Crunch Time: Dental Health follows four children through their individual dental treatment. Different procedures are shown including treatment for teeth chipped or broken in accidents. The importance of diet, personal hygiene and regular visits to the dentist in maintaining healthy teeth and gums is emphasised throughout. The Good Health Guide to Eating, Drinking, Working, Resting and Playing gives information and positive advice to help children make informed choices about their lifestyles.

Curriculum Connections

  • Dental care within health education
  • Reassures children about visiting the dentist
  • Health-related exercise and diet Features
  • Using video footage in the classroom will help you to improve results. It will support the many different learning styles in your class
  • DVDs offer greater flexibility and control, making them easy to incorporate into your lessons
  • Can be used on computers with DVD-Rom drives and ideal for use on interactive whiteboards
  • Fully searchable, allowing you to go straight to what you need
  • Embedded support material

Programmes The Good Health Guide to Eating, Drinking, Working, Resting and Playing

  1. Decide for Yourself
  2. Filling Up and Filling Out
  3. A Job Well Done 
  4. Fun and Games It's OK to Be Me Crunch Time: Dental Health 1. The Dentist 2. Looking After Your Teeth

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