Healthy Living for Younger Children DVD

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Age Range: 4-7

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10 x 10-minute and 5 x 15-minute programmes

Healthy Living for Younger Children DVD

This compilation will help younger children identify and understand the role of the five senses. They will also learn about what to eat to stay healthy and how to keep fit, safe and well.

Curriculum Connections

  • Developing a healthy, safer lifestyle (KS1 Framework for PSHE, Section 3)
  • Promotes eating for health (QCA Schemes of Work for Science, Unit 3A)
  • The role of the five senses (QCA Schemes of Work for Science, Unit 1A

1) The Sensations
Children can join with the Sensations - Eyeful Ella, Noisy Ned, Smelly Sam, Tasty Tessa and Feely Fred - in discovering through their senses a variety of sights, sounds, smells, tastes and textures. The programmes emphasise the crucial role played by each sense in developing our knowledge and understanding of the world.

  1. Seeing
  2. Hearing
  3. Smelling
  4. Tasting
  5. Touching

2) The Lunch Bunch
Mr Flask, Pip the apple, Sandy the sandwich and Yip the yoghurt - five quirky puppet characters - are here to tell children all about food and drink. Helped by roving reporter Sarah, the Lunch Bunch investigate different types of food and explain the importance of each food group for our growth and well-being. But it's not all serious stuff - these programmes emphasise the fun and pleasure we can derive from our diet. The programmes also take a look at food from a variety of cultures.

  1. Food, Fun and Facts
  2. Bread and Cereals
  3. Fruit and Vegetables
  4. Milk and Dairy Products
  5. Festivals

3) Look After Yourself
These programmes promote health education by presenting events from the everyday lives of young children, combined with animation and picture books. The emphasis is on humour, music, animation and story.

  1. Keep Clean
  2. Eat Well
  3. Keep Fit
  4. Keep Safe
  5. Know How You Feel

Supporting Resources

Included FREE with this DVD are embedded support materials: 3 Teachers' Guides and 3 Activity Books.

Feedback given from Practical Pre-School Awards 2010

"Excellent product to aid the teaching of PSHE. The children were able to relate to the characters in the programme and were keen to watch them again. They particularly enjoyed the parts on how chocolate is made. The programme encouraged reflection on what the children had seen and how they could improve their own healthy eating and lifestyle."

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