Tectonics and Climate DVD

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8 x 15-minute & 5 x 20-minute programmes

Tectonics and Climate DVD

Using case studies from around the world, this compilation investigates natural hazards and disasters, and human responses to them. It also considers the interaction between people and the environment as a contributory factor to their occurrence and intensity.

Natural Hazards 1. Earthquake 2. Volcano 3. Avalanche 4. Hurricane 4 x 15-minute programmes Planet Earth 1. Tectonics 2. Weather and Climate: Temperature 3. Weather and Climate: Precipitation and prevailing winds 4. Water on the Land: The water cycle  4 x 15-minute programmesDisasters 1. Earthquakes 2. Landslides and Avalanches 3. Desertification 4. Oil Spills 5. Toxic Clouds 5 x 20-minute programmes About the DVD Curriculum connections

Curriculum Connections

  • Flooding Glacial areas
  • Volcanoes and earthquakes
  • Tectonic and geomorphological processes
  • Environmental issues
  • Economic activities  Weather and climate

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