GCSEase: Engineering at the Cutting Edge DVD

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5 x 25 min programmes

Engineering at the Cutting Edge DVD

The main aim of this DVD is to inspire and excite young people with the best of British cutting-edge engineering. Each of the programmes addresses a question at the heart of modern engineering. Ed McCann, who is passionate about engineering and its role in shaping our future, presents the series in a very informal way, inspiring engineers to address his probing questions. Ed is a visiting lecturer of civil engineering design at Imperial College, London.

Curriculum Connections

  • Design and graphical communication
  • Engineered products
  • Application of technology


  • The examples used will allow your students to problem solve using a real life context 
  • Fresh and fast-paced programmes will engage students and keep them focused
  • The DVD allows you to bring the real world of work into the classroom
  • Up-to-date real life case studies on this DVD will motivate and engage students
  • DVDs offer greater flexibility and control, making them easy to incorporate into your lessons
  • Can be used on computers with DVD-Rom drives and ideal for use on interactive whiteboards
  • Fully searchable, allowing you to go straight to what you need

Subject Area Covered

  • Programme 1: This programme looks at two amazing structures, the Millennium Bridge in London and the Falkirk Wheel in Scotland. Both used new revolutionary designs that had been tested using the latest technology, but one went to plan and the other didn’t!
  • Programme 2:  This programme looks at two automotive projects that show how important it is for designers to work with well proven standard car parts, yet still emerge with completely different products.
  • Programme 3: Why is it that when footballers are heading the ball they are missing the goal more today than in previous decades? Vaughan Lovelock asked himself these questions so many times that he decided to design a head band to improve heading accuracy.
  • Programme 4: Today’s roller coasters are designed and tested in virtual worlds before being built. However, when they are built they must work safely first time, as there is no room to modify the ride after it has been built.
  • Programme 5: The programme follows two people as they have new artificial limbs fitted and shows how they adjust to the changes they bring to their lives.

Supporting Resources

gcsEase website for teachers and students accompanies this series.  Click here for more information.   

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