Science In Focus: Big Questions Dvd

Science in Focus: Big Questions DVD

Product Type: DVD

 5 x 20 minute programmes Science in Focus: Big Questions DVD Curriculum Connections • Scientific Enquiry – ideas and evidence in science • How scientific ideas are presented, evaluated and disseminated • Different ways of interpreting empirical evidence • Ways in which scientific...


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Scientific Eye: Life And Living Processes Dvd

Scientific Eye: Life and Living Processes DVD

Product Type: DVD

10 x 20-minute programmes This compilation showcases the best programmes from the Life and Living Processes units of Channel 4's Scientific Eye series. These documentary-style programmes explore a broad range of topics from the natural and human worlds, featuring footage of animals and their habitats,...


Price: £60.00

Science Bank Dvd

Science Bank DVD

Product Type: DVD

22 x 15 min programmes Science Bank DVD An invaluable resource bank of practical demonstrations that teachers often find difficult to carry out. Viewers are presented with a clear, close-up view of experimental procedure through 3D graphic explanations. The experiments have a successful outcome each time...


Price: £80.00

Scientific Eye: Physical Processes Dvd

Scientific Eye: Physical Processes DVD

Product Type: DVD

9 x 20-minute programmes This compilation showcases the best programmes from the three Physical Processes units of Channel 4’s acclaimed Scientific Eye series. It will inspire viewers to explore the real pleasure of science – discovery, investigation and enquiry. Scientific Eye encourages viewers to adopt an enquiring...


Price: £55.00

The Virtual Body Dvd

The Virtual Body DVD

Product Type: DVD

5 x 20 min programmes The Virtual Body DVD This series explains the workings of the human body using advanced virtual technology, clearly illustrating what happens inside us. Presented from inside the body, the remarkable and complex body functions are viewed close up and hitherto unseen organs...


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Electricity And Magnetism Cd-rom With Site Licence


Product Type: CD

SCIENCE - ELECTRICITY AND MAGNETISM CD-Rom This CD-Rom is one of ten CD-Roms that combine specially selected clips from Channel 4's most successful science programmes with text, graphics, image galleries and glossaries for whole-class teaching, group work or individual study. The two lesson ideas featured on this...


Price: £150.00