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Age Range: 7-11

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41 x 5 min programmes

Making It DVD

Making It celebrates the constructive and creative ingenuity of children in the UK, Jamaica, South Africa, Namibia, Brazil and Australia. Each short programme shows a child, or sometimes a group of children, working hard to make something from beginning to end. This could be something useful, entertaining or beautiful. Children are given the chance to put their skills into action and bring an idea to life.

Curriculum Connections 

  • Communicating observations, ideas and feelings 
  • Designing and making artefacts
  • Materials and processes used in art, craft and design
  • Working with tools and equipment, materials and components
  • Making skills


  • A great cross-curricular resource - ideal for combining citizenship, geography, art and D&T
  • Over 40 programmes - great value for money resource
  • Each programme is only five minutes long - ideal for keeping pupils focused and perfect for a 'starter lesson'
  • Using television in the classroom is a great way to illustrate how projects are designed and built
  • DVDs offer greater flexibility and control, making them easy to incorporate into your lessons
  • Can be used on computers with DVD-Rom drives and ideal for use on interactive whiteboards
  • PC and Mac compatible

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Very good!

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