Animated Tales of the World 1 DVD

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Age Range: 7-11

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13 x 15 min programmes

Animated Tales of the World 1 DVD

Suitable for ages 7-11 for English and 11-16 for MFL 

A variety of traditional stories from a range of cultures are conveyed through animation. Broadcasters from the 13 countries involved in this international project were teamed with an animation director and designer, usually from another country. Child heroes, animal heroes and grown-up heroes are portrayed in a variety of animation styles - but essentially these tales show that we are all very similar, wherever we come from.

Curriculum Connections

  • Speaking and listening, reading, writing and drama skills
  • Range of traditional multicultural stories
  • Moving image texts conveying meaning and emotion
  • Shows common themes in folktales
  • Supports citizenship and inclusion


  • Multiple language soundtrack - some programmes have French, German or Spanish soundtracks
  • Great cross-curricular resources supporting citizenship and inclusion
  • The DVDs include downloadable support material
  • The DVDs are fully searchable, allowing you to go straight to what you need without cueing
  • Can be used on computers with DVD-Rom drives and ideal for use on interactive whiteboards


  1. The Magic Paintbrush: China - FRENCH 
  2. Cap o' Rushes: England 
  3. The Tree With the Golden Apples: The Netherlands - GERMAN
  4. Fionn and the Fianna: Ireland 
  5. The Chief and the Carpenter: Latin America - SPANISH
  6. Raven Steals the Daylight: Alaska
  7. The Three Sisters Who Fell Into the Mountain: Norway - GERMAN
  8. Podna and Podni: Pakistan 
  9. The Two Brothers: Russia 
  10. The Green Man of Knowledge: Scotland
  11. Aunt Tiger: Taiwan - FRENCH
  12. King March: Wales 
  13. Ewenn Congar: France - FRENCH

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