Jacqueline Wilson Trilogy DVD

Jacqueline Wilson Trilogy DVD

Age Range: 9-14

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Documentary 2 x 15 min programmes/Double Act 1 x 100 min programme/Illustrated Mum 4 x 25 min programmes

Jacqueline Wilson Trilogy DVD

Two of Jacqueline Wilson's dramas are now available on DVD with extra Popular Writers documentary included. International Emmy and BAFTA award winner The Illustrated Mum is the story of Marigold (played by Michelle Collins) who suffers from a mental illness, and her two children, forced to take on all the roles that parents are usually expected to deliver. Double Act is a charming, sensitive and often hilarious story about ten-year-old twins Ruby and Garnet growing up and finding their own identities. Lastly, Jacqueline Wilson invites us into her book-filled home to show how she writes her books and develops her ideas. Her books touch on important and sensitive subjects such as homeless families, children in care, bullying and bereavement, but always maintain humour and a lightness of touch appropriate to her audience.

Curriculum Connections

  • The Illustrated Mum
  • Gives insights into the author's craft; setting, mood and character; the structuring of text
  • Promotes listening, reflection and discussion
  • Develops opportunities for writing
  • Explores PSHE themes of growing up, family relationships and mental illness Double Act
  • Narrative structure
  • Character, setting, dialogue, plot
  • Storytelling through dramatisation
  • Study of media texts


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  • Can be used on computers with DVD-Rom drives and is ideal for use on interactive whiteboards
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  • PC and Mac compatible


  • The Illustrated Mum
  • Double Act
  • What's So Good About ... Jacqueline Wilson? (Documentary)

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