Tudor Times DVD

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Age Range: 7-11

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  • DVD Interactive
  • Subtitles
  • Embedded Support Material

3 x 20 min programmes

Tudor Times DVD

In Tudor Times children recreate various aspects of Tudor family life. Freddy and Holly join the household of poor farm labourers; Phil, Michaela and Josh find themselves living with yeoman farmers, whilst Nell and Greg join the household of the local bailiff. Through the observations and experiences of these seven young 'reporters' we witness the highs and lows of daily life in Tudor Britain, as experienced by the rich and poor at work and play.

Curriculum Connections

  • Life for country people in Tudor times
  • Attitudes and beliefs of people in Tudor times
  • Inequality in Tudor times
  • Rich and poor Tudors
  • Changes during the Tudor period


  • DVDs offer greater flexibility and control, making them easy to incorporate into your lessons
  • Can be used on computers with DVD-Rom drives and ideal for use on interactive whiteboards
  • The DVD is fully searchable, allowing you to go straight to what you need without cueing
  • Embedded Activity Book
  • Fully subtitled
  • PC and Mac compatible


  1. Housing, Hygiene and Health
  2. Work and Education
  3. Food, Drink and Entertainment

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