Science in Focus: Big Questions DVD

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Age Range: 14-16

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 5 x 20 minute programmes

Science in Focus: Big Questions DVD

Curriculum Connections

• Scientific Enquiry – ideas and evidence in science
• How scientific ideas are presented, evaluated and disseminated
• Different ways of interpreting empirical evidence
• Ways in which scientific work may be affected by the contexts in which it takes place
• Considering the power and limitations of science in addressing questions and the ethical issues involved


• DVDs offer greater flexibility and control
• Can be used via computer or DVD player and ideal for use with an interactive whiteboard
• Fully searchable, allowing you to go straight to what you need
• PC and Mac compatible
• Subtitles (with on/off controls)

It’s a slow, painstaking business unlocking the secrets of the Universe. But occasionally an inspired individual makes sense out of confusion and comes up with a theory or invention that changes the world and our understanding of how it works.

Five programmes, enthusiastically presented by Adam Hart-Davis, focus on the lives, work and struggles of scientists who have made those great intellectual leaps. How did they do it? What did they owe to their contemporaries? Why were their ideas so often resisted? What do their stories tell us about the nature of science and scientific enquiry?

1. Faraday’s Famous Inventions
2. Darwin’s Evolution
3. Mendel and the Gene Splicers
4. Mendeleev’s Dream
5. Hubble’s Expanding Universe

Included FREE with this DVD is a full colour support package filled with over 30 pages of resources.

Also available with this DVD are FREE online programme notes which can be accessed by clicking here.

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