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Age Range: 11-16

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  • DVD
  • Subtitles
  • Embedded Support Material

9 x 20-minute programmes

This compilation showcases the best programmes from the three Physical Processes units of Channel 4’s acclaimed Scientific Eye series. It will inspire viewers to explore the real pleasure of science – discovery, investigation and enquiry.

Scientific Eye encourages viewers to adopt an enquiring attitude to science, with investigations set in contexts that will appeal to students, but which are also easily accessible for classroom work afterwards. Each programme examines a single topic, with individual stories being used to illustrate scientific ideas, with the help of computer graphics, animation and practical demonstrations.

Curriculum Connections

  • Energy transfer and electricity
  • Forces
  • The environment
  • Earth and universe
  • Scientific thinking
  • Enquiry and communication skills
  • Contemporary and historical scientific developments
  • Applications and implications of science


  • Embedded support materials included
  • DVDs offer greater flexibility and control
  • Can be used via computer or DVD player and ideal for use with an interactive whiteboard
  • Fully searchable, allowing you to go straight to what you need
  • PC and Mac compatible
  • Subtitles (with on/off controls)

1. Temperature and Heat - imaging techniques using infrared; sensing temperature; how thermometers work; temperature, heat and the movement of particles.

2. Electricity - the principles of electricity, demonstrated using everyday appliances; the invention of the light bulb; converting electrical energy into heat and light energy; the flow of current through simple series and parallel circuits.

3. Electricity for the Future
- the generation of electricity; the environmental problems associated with the use of non-renewable fossil fuels; the use of alternative fuels; the advantages and disadvantages of renewable energy resources.

4. Hearing the Sound
- sound waves; comparing the speed of light and sound waves, and the speed that sound travels through air and solid matter; the structure of the ear; how the ear transmits messages to the brain; testing hearing ability using volume and sound frequency variables; the short-and-long-term effects of loud noise on human hearing.

5. Colour - how we see different colours; reflection; the refraction of light through a prism; why is the sky blue and sunsets red? Creating secondary colours using primary-coloured light filters.

6. Light and Reflection - how eclipses occur; luminous objects and reflection – how we see things; explaining reflection in a plane mirror; communicating with light.

7. Solar System
- the relative position and movement of the planets that surround the Sun; how our ideas of the solar system have changed through history, from the work
of Galileo to modern day exploration from home; using the internet to control a robotic telescope.

8. Air Forces - balanced and unbalanced forces; an unbalanced force can speed things up or slow them down; friction and air resistance increase when you go faster;
the shape of a wing causes the upward force called lift.

9. Machines and Moments
- erecting a circus big top using simple machines; investigating pulleys and ramps; the turning effect of levers; balanced moments.

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