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Channel 4 Learning announces that the long-established and highly successful DVD resource Living and Growing is being re-introduced to the market in the updated Alternative version.

The DVD is re-introduced as the PSHE curriculum review previously announced by the government has not yet taken place, therefore Living & Growing still reflects the government published policy for Sex and Relationship Education.  There has been significant customer demand for the return of the resource during the period of its withdrawal from sale.

8 x 15 min programmes

Living and Growing was developed as a educational resource to promote sex and relationship education as a developmental process, beginning in the early years at the appropriate level and progressing through childhood and adolescence into adulthood. 

This edited version of the original Living and Growing series has been adapted to introduce pupils to the core issues of Sex and Relationship education while reflecting the diverse society that children are living in today. 

The programmes in this series gently introduce sex education to younger children from childhood through adolescence into adulthood. An Inset programme and a programme notes booklet are also included with the DVD to provide guidance for teachers, parents and governors. 

Unit 1 (Age 5-7)

  • Differences
  • How Did I Get Here?
  • Growing Up

Unit 2 (Age 7-11)

  • Changes
  • Girl Talk
  • Boy Talk

Unit 3 (Age 7-11)

  • How Babies Are Made
  • How Babies are Born

Inset Programme - A guide for teachers, parents and governors

Three resource books accompany the Living Growing series with activity sheets, teachers' notes and lesson plan ideas.  The Living and Growing -  Alternative Pack containing the DVD and all three resource books is also available to purchase at a special price.

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